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The MMA Pros Gear Story 

In 2011, after hundreds of thousands of miles of travel and struggling to find a suitable carry-on for all of their must-have portable electronics, Jean-Luc Annet and his team founded Murrieta based, ECBC. They had grown increasingly tired of unpacking all of their expensive portable electronics into TSA bins after waiting in long lines and watching others do the same. They wondered:  Why couldn’t people find a bag that was designed specifically to carry all of their gadgets safely and securely?  The team took matters into their own hands and ECBC filled that void in the travel market.  

As ECBC was seeing its first successes, Jean-Luc had been working out on a regular basis at Dan Henderson’s Fitness Center.  He soon got to know several of the pro fighters and coaches, such as Daniel Woirin, Tarec Saffiedine, Dan Henderson, Mehdi Baghdad and Sam Alvey.

Jean-Luc had been an MMA fan for about 20 years, watching the sport evolve and grow.  Being a specialist in creating top-of-the-line bags that are unique in the marketplace, he could not help but notice that one thing had not evolved with the sport: these world-class fighters were carrying an array of common bags that had little real functionality specific to MMA needs. Jean-Luc and his team began to work with Dan, Daniel, Mehdi, Sam and Tarec in a collaborative effort to design and develop high quality bags that would meet all of the requirements of the MMA lifestyle. He wanted their full design input.  What features did each fighter need in their bag?  What was important to each of them?   Thus, the MMA Pros Gear line of bags was created- designed by our founding members, Dan Henderson, Daniel Woirin, Mehdi Baghdad, Tarec Saffiedine, Sam Alvey and Jean-Luc Annet.  

In addition to creating top-notch gear, they wanted to take it a step further for fighters and fans.  The MMA Pros Gear team (some of whom have extensive backgrounds in radio and IT) developed the idea of providing a free online community destination made by fighters and fans, for fighters and fans. Facebook and Twitter are good places to follow the goings-on in the world of MMA, but they certainly aren't platforms specifically for MMA fans. Online forums are great for discussions, but lack some of the interactive community elements of a social network. These observations begged the question: wouldn't a fully-functioning social network -founded BY top-name MMA fighters, FOR MMA fans- take that online interaction to the next level?

And so, the MMA Pros Gear online community was born. It would be a place for people to connect to and make friends with other like-minded MMA fans, create member profiles and upload their own content, listen to 24/7 live radio (inclusive of interviews, MMA specific show programming, etc.), have the ability to interact directly with the founding fighters/coaches and gain access to their exclusive content, engage in real-time chats with legendary MMA fighters/trainers/experts, and enjoy all of benefits of a great social network: photos, blogs, forums, chatrooms, contests, and more. In short, it would provide the ultimate online hangout for MMA fans worldwide.

Jean-Luc also recognized the importance of providing a platform for up-and-coming and professional fighters alike to gain more attention, have a voice, and have a place to make their MMA products available.  His long-term vision is to have a full line of MMA related products and services to add to the MMA Pros Gear site.

Welcome to MMAprosgear.com: your new online home for the best of all things MMA.